I love to create and craft with a variety of materials, but my all time favorite is fabric, any kind of it.

Getting introduce to Etsy has been a blessing for my life.
In 2012 I got the feeling that I needed to open my shop, but I got busy with other things and ignore it. The feeling did not go away, then, one day I woke up with a name on my mind "Tita's Hiding Place. " I decided to engage the feeling and registered my DBA and my shop's name on Etsy. I'm glad I did. Since then, I have made more than 28,000 sales, and have received many great messages and reviews about my work. My daughter's Vanessa childhood nick name was Tita, so my shop's name is because of her, but Hiding Place, the rest of my shop's name, I'm not quite sure why pop up on my mind, but it did, and that is all that matters.
A little about me.
I'm a mother of four children; All adults now. My grown up boys 29 and 26, my princess Vanessa 20, and my baby boy 18 years. Both my babies in college now. I'm currently working on getting my bachelors on BCIS while I work full time on my Etsy shop.
Tita's Hiding Place has give me the opportunity to smart-manage my time between my
mother and shop owner duties.
I cannot thank you enough for supporting my shop. I can assure you that every item I made, is been made with too much care and dedication.
Santa Mendoza- Tita's Hiding Place

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